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Holly jolly Christmas – Christmas Flowers france

Whether decorating a Christmas tree or singing carols, each family has a lot of different traditions during the holiday season.Christmas can be celebrated religious ceremonies and modern traditions. Christmas Day Party is diversified by country. Even if a person is in Australia or France, is a celebration of the wonder and magic of Christmas.

Stephanie seconds Lastra said that each family member brings aspecific food to bring to the Christmas party. Family tradition to eat pork (roast pork) and black beans (black beans), which are very popular Cuban dishes. Christmas is an ideal time to spend a day with family and friends to commemorate the birth of Jesus aswell, thank you.

“We decorate and leave early November until January so that the spirit of Christmas decorations in my house forever,” saidsophomore Daniel Padron. He said he has always been “NocheBuena”, with his family on Christmas Eve.

“” Eve “is a traditional Cuban families, where the Cuban food.”This special dinner has many side dishes, desserts and many times they play dominoes.

Junior Lopez Caro said: “My family is from Colombia, so” New “, which is where we gather with family and friends for nine days before Christmas … From 16 days and every home is a differentperson and pray this little book called “The Ninth” and sing, eatand get sometimes, gifts.

“My family and I drink eggnog every year and have an American breakfast traidtional christmas flowers france Day.” Elissa said Sanchezsophomore.

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. Traditionsoften reunite families. Each family has different traditions during the christmas flowers in  france blogs

season, according to their culture.