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Christmas around the world – Christmas Flowers France

christmasflowersinfranceChristmas season is the happiest and most beautiful of the year.To find out what Christmas is out of our country. To find out what Christmas is like for people of different races, different cultures and different walks of life.

Wales. For the people of Wales, Christmas is the season when you come together to sing songs to create your very expensive.Being music lovers, by nature, sing songs of Wales as the most enjoyable during the holiday season. Rock or eisteddfodde often accompanied by a harp. For Welsh, it is ideal to spend Christmas in their public square to announce the winner, the best music for a new competition for Carol and official statement that the winning song, Carol of the year.

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Besides singing songs, Taffy this site is also an important part of the Welsh Christmas. This includes the creation of a special kind of pulls the brown sugar and butter. Boil and pulled until glossy and looks great. When it comes to food and decor, the majority of English Welsh traditions maintain that the holly, mistletoe, cake, christmas flowers france stockings and lots of snow.

BRAZIL. Mainly in Portuguese culture, Brazilians celebrate Christmas to recreate the nativity scene called Presepsio. These managers can be seen improvised in the North in December to churches, shops and houses. By country, people find a version of the shepherds and shepherdesses called game in which a gypsy trying to kidnap the baby Jesus. Representation of Father Christmas is not lost in a provincial city in South America.Legend has it that Santa lives somewhere in Greenland and silk garments from the summer heat because donations. Aromatic holiday party in Brazil include turkey, ham, rice and vegetables in color and fruit preparations. As the Philippines, Catholic devotees observe the midnight mass on Christmas Day to come, people go to Mass in the evening enjoy sleeping after dinner.Most people go to the beach, also enjoy the sun at christmas flowers in  france blogs .

DENMARK. Denmark Juleaften Call Christmas, and all about the construction of the meals and family gatherings. They are particularly known for Julefrokost the meaning of Christmas dinner. It is flat and Julefrokost Danish beer. Usually this is shared Julefrokost families, businesses and social groups. Christmas dinner will be held on December 24 and the preparation of roast pork or roast duck with potatoes and lots of salsa. They have rice pudding for dessert with almonds and not within it. The person has the possibility of this kernel, and a special gift. After dinner, families gather to sing songs and give gifts. Some Danes choose a child to distribute gifts, while some children have all the options for gift giving. Then cover with a Danish Christmas drink called Glögg.

ROMANIA. Romanian Christmas carols, focusing on songs that are not only simple but also sing. The songs of a state of mind and spiritual Romanians will sing solemn in cities, keeping the image of the Holy Family painted in water colors and paper.Romanian to sing every night, because they believe that the winter snow is a piece of heaven once a year. In general, Romanians also recite poems and legends about the holidays.Five days before Christmas, an annual ritual in honor of San Ignacio is performed. Pork is a staple of the holiday table and Romanian wine and plum brandy.

ITALY. Symbols of Christmas trees and signage on or reindeer ornaments in red and green theme is difficult to see. But now the Italians decorate Christmas trees. However, much of the focus is on the scene of the Nativity, the Italian people more proud to be one of the most enduring symbols of the holiday season.Branding became director. Christmas in Italy, spread over three weeks, starting eight days before Christmas Day itself. This is known as the ninth. As the Philippines, the Italian children visiting a house after another, playing instruments, singing songs and poems recited during the week of Christmas. Instead, they are given the money used to buy gifts for themselves. Even if foreigners traveling in Italy during the holiday season often described as very Italian Christmas “Christmas-y”, the largest Christmas tree in the world can be found in this country.

FRANCE. At Christmas, almost all French families, shows a scene composed of maternal figures or birth little clay called holy men or “little saints” in their homes. A popular tradition has evolved around these little figures, which are manufactured by craftsmen in the south of France, throughout the year. In addition to ordinary characters, which are the Holy Family, shepherds and the Magi, the craftsmen also produce figures in the form of local dignitaries and characters. Buche de Noël (Christmas log), a log-shaped cake, are among the staples dinner in French Christmas sweets. The main menu for Christmas celebrations vary according to regional culinary tradition. In the high season of Christmas, French children are well behaved eager Schmutzli characteristic field, discipline companion Pere Noel (French version of Santa Claus) is in its list of who’s naughty or nice. In parts of France, children are led to believe that Father Christmas is on the city to give gifts on the eve of St. Nicolas (Dec. 6) and visits again on Christmas.

GREECE. For the Greeks, Christmas is the second Easter as one of the most important festivals. However, the Greeks have habits that are their only Christmas. On Christmas Eve, you can find the village children go from house to house offering good wishes and singing Kalanda (songs). Unlike most European countries, where parties are abundant just before the holidays, Greeks fast for 40 days for pertussis. Therefore, it is easy to imagine how Christmas is viewed with interest by adults and children. Gustatory pleasures are included in piglets and christopsomo bread (Christ Bread). And, as Christmas trees are not common in the Greek tradition, a wooden plaque with a piece of wire hanging on the edge where sprigs of basil wrapped around a wooden cross is an alternative to your decor. It is not for pure beautification, but also appears as a symbolic gesture to ward killantzarol (goblins or sprites), which occurs during a period of 12 days from December 15 until January 06.

SPAIN. For a country with strong Catholic faith rooted in the culture and heritage, the Christmas season is considered a very festive event for people in Spain. In general, based more on a religious theme in many other places with the same celebration.Actually people in churches throughout the day. And as expected, family and Christmas holidays at night is another common tradition. Although Spanish is full of common Christmas this season, a Spanish tradition that is unique and is said to have originated long before Christmas is observed throughout the world is Bonfires or campfires. More convenient in Granada and Jaen, the ritual of people jumping over the fire is considered a form of symbolic protection of the disease as possible.

AUSTRALIA. Christmas Down Under is a bit like Razzmatazz dazzling and colorful Christmas in New York, London and Paris, less snow in winter iconography, as in Australia, December 25 falls in the peak summer season. Environment because of the sun and blue sky, blue, summer, Australians have replaced the traditional Christmas dinner with family gatherings and picnics in the courts in parks, gardens and beach. Australians also have their own version of Santa Claus who affectionately calls “man gate” because there is great concern about the possibility of a Santa Claus dressed for the winter suffer heat stroke, with temperatures ranging from from 25 to 38 degrees centigrade.This man wore a brown Akubra booty (a type of Australian hat), a blue shirt and long shorts. At Christmas, put on his big four-wheel drive and is ready to deliver his presents.

NIGERIA. Christmas is celebrated in Nigeria, with many meetings, parties, fun and family. One of the most distinctive Christmas in Nigeria is that it leaves people, and Christmas lights. Nigerians buy a lot of turkeys, chickens, goats and cows for Christmas. They are also preparing, Iyan (pounded ham), EBA (small balls of flour and dipped in sauces or soups Garri) and Amal (thick brown porridge). It is considered impolite to refuse food in Nigeria, which is offered, so you end up eating the same foods every day. Their parties took to the streets, with visual displays of fireworks and masked balls. However, Nigeria, Christmas is not complete without going to church on Christmas Day. Then the family bond Nigeria and find joy at Christmas.

LEBANON. Most Lebanese are celebrating Christmas, but only 45 percent are really Christians. Lebanon are popular for concerts, playing Christmas carols and local West. The churches are open all night and began to pray and sing songs in the middle of December the New Year. Christmas celebration with food in Europe and the Middle East. The dishes are the most common tabbouleh and kibbeh, located in the Middle East, while Turkey and wine are in Europe. There is some controversy about how to use the Lebanese word “Christmas” and how they greet each other this holiday. Instead of saying “Merry Christmas,” said Lebanese happy holidays. “They also have replaced Christmas with” Christmas “in the word” Christ “of” Christmas. ”

PAKISTAN. Bar Mubarak Ho! It means “blessing of Christmas” in Punjabi, is how the Pakistanis salute to Christmas. Pakistanis celebrate their Christmas birthday of the founder of their nation, Jinnah. Besides, it is especially Christians who celebrate Christmas this country. Although generally poor Pakistani Christian conduct seminars and hold processions in honor of the great holiday spirit. Other Christians have stars above their homes and a large Christmas tree is considered the more significant. They sing songs of gift exchange, and wear their best clothes. On Christmas Day, Christians in Pakistan go to church for Mass and a party at the church afterwards.

IRAN. This is where the three wise men or believed to have lived when Jesus was born. Iranian Christians celebrate Christmas, to abstain from meat on December 1. This is known as “little faster”.Only after Mass on Christmas Day that the Iranians begin feasting on the traditional fresh chicken stew (Harasim). Giving gifts is not common practice, but the children receive new clothing that fits over Christmas.

South Korea. South Korea considers Christmas a national holiday. Although only 50 percent of the population is Christian, Christians also participate in the traditional holiday customs such as gifts and the establishment of Christmas trees. Korean children have learned to love the beautiful and rugged, bearded Santa who call Santa Haraboji, which means “Grandfather Christmas” in English. As in Western countries, Korean Christian churches Christmas and competitions organize special programs on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But when it comes to Christmas dinner, Koreans are far from following Western dishes such as turkey and ham. Stick to kimchi, chili paste and bean. When it comes to gifts, Koreans prefer giving money as gifts, instead of buying gifts.

JAPAN. At the beginning of the few who converted to Christianity actually celebrate Christmas. For this reason, the Christmas season is celebrated in a way completely different from the rest of Catholic dominance in the world. This does not come as much surprise, especially for a country whose population is Christian only half a percent of all residents. However, as the years passed, people began gradually to give the value of the construction of this season, mainly due to the innate love for celebrations and meetings in Japan. Today, Christmas is almost universally observed. An important difference is the gift-bearer. Japanese own version of Santa Claus is known as Hoteiosho. Like its counterpart in the West, is often described as an old man with a huge return package. It was originally one of the seven gods to bring good luck. Over time he became the substitute Santa Claus “in the eyes of children in modern Japan. It is considered to have a pair of black eyes in the back that is used to protect and guide all.

CHINA. Christmas is just another season, which is widely reflected in the preparation of Christmas decorations and symbolic elements associated with Western habits. These include the practice of decorative lighting from China their houses with paper lanterns and decorated their offices “Tree of Life”, chains, flowers and all other lamps made of paper. Christmas stockings hanging on the belief that an old man named Dun Che Lao Ren, to visit and bring gifts for children waiting for Christmas is also a reflection of cultural interest in the morning different foreign influences in China.

PHILIPPINES. November Filipinos are known for having the longest Christmas season with songs and decorations are already in September. Our hearts are glowing with loved ones around us. Songs with holiday greetings, meetings with gay friends are present wherever we go. We had our exchange abundant and delicious holiday gift. We are so sensitive to our own Christmas celebration. Now, however, most of us have an idea of what Christmas is everyone that Santa use in Brazil, that Koreans eat at Christmas, as Pakistanis celebrate the birth of Christ and what country tree Christmas in the world can be found.

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