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ART & ENTERTAINMENT IN BRIEF 8/12 – Christmas Flowers France

If you walk downtown these days is not hard to recognize that the holiday season is upon us, with colored lights and decorative images of Santa Claus, reindeer and snowmen to outside shopping malls and buildings.

However, this year, the Christmas decorations market has seen a huge increase from 15% to 20% last year.

A journalist is a record price of Hai Thuong Lan Ong street shops in District 5, which is well known for its Christmas decorations and various wholesale business. Cost of gold leaf / silver from 0.000 to 12 VND10, 000 while the six boxes of multicolored Christmas balls are sold 0000-30 VND20, 000. A pair of bells is priced at VND5, 000 small VND189, 000 higher. A Christmas tree is priced at VND150, 000 for a tree of 60 cm, with no decorations VND1.5 million for a tree of 2.1 meters.

According to Hai Thuong Lan Ong Thanh Vinh supplier Street store, this year the price of a Christmas tree for years is 20% per year due to rising prices of materials and decorations. Most of the Christmas items were imported from China, while some were made by Chinese enterprises in Vietnam.

“From mid-November, I’ve sold a lot of Christmas trees for individuals and retailers,” said the salesman.

As observed in only half an hour daily, about 20 customers were visiting clothing store Christmas decorations and the children of Vinh Thanh Shop and two neighboring shops.

In the city known Hannah souvenir shop, a Christmas tree is a popular price of VND650, 000 to VND2.6 dollars for a tree already decorated and original, respectively. Customers can purchase christmas flowers in  france blogs trees available designs or can design their own models and to obtain their tree 24 hours.

Thus, despite the economic downturn christmas flowers france is always an irresistible lure to Saigon as they are ready to squirt small budgets this year to prepare for festive occasions.

Jogging and have fun

A race of 10 km, 5 km fun run and walk will be organized by boy racers in the Red River Sunday, 11th from 6-11am December.

Race begins and ends at the United Nations International School (UNIS), located within the confines of Ciputra International City.10 km race takes in a section of West Lake before returning to Ciputra. 5 km walk will take place entirely on private roads and Fun Run Ciputra will place children on the playground at school.

Anyone interested in participating can register until 18 pm on Friday, December 9 at Elite Fitness, 51 rue Xuaân DIEAU. High price will go to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

Famous tragedy is taking place in Hanoi

An adapted version of the famous tragedy in five acts, Andromache, written by French playwright Jean Racine in poetry, will be held at the Opera, Hao noai Thursday, December 15.

The play is directed by Jean-Marie Lejude the script written by Jon Fosse. Four players and four Vietnamese French will participate in cooperation projects of Nam Vieät Theatre, Space Theatre, and Paul Eluard, in the province of Choisy Le Roi. The song will be played with Vietnamese subtitles.

Wall of the rock band heavy live

Fans of the band of five members of hard rock The Wall will be wild when the group hosts its first live show after their meeting last year.

The show, entitled Nhiet (heat) will be held at the National Exhibition Centre, Giang Vo Street, Saturday, Dec. 17.

Founded in 1994, the group is considered one of the most successful rock bands of Vieät Nam, creating a large fan base.

The wall shook the country for 12 years and released four albums: Ngay Khac (Another Day), Hon Tam Cua Da (Soul Stone), Vo Hinh (Hidden) and Nam Cham (magnet).

Garage Sale Winter

Garage Sales for Charity was organized by the British Council staff in 2008. At least 20 percent of profits from sales will go to the Charity Fund for distribution to the poor and children across Vieät Nam.

Garage sale will be winter Sunday, December 18th 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Room 6 of the first floor, Centre for Women and Development, 20, Thuy Khue Street.

Gourmet tea tasting

TEA is to organize a tea tasting gourmet event Saturday at 3:00 Lam store, offers participants the chance to try a variety of teas from around the world and learn about their history, health benefits and culture.

Admission is U.S. $ 18 at the door and $ 15 for early birds.

Lam Boutique, 4 Myo Ñöùc, Nguyeãn Ñöùc Caûnh Street, District 7, E-mail: sergey@operationteavietnam.com

Glamour glitzy “London Calling” Christmas Party

“London Calling” is the theme of the British Business Group Vieät Nam BBGV annual Christmas party tomorrow glitzy Glamour Hotel Caravelle.

Tickets are VND2.11 million. The event will begin at 7:00 p.m., dinner includes a four-course Christmas (vegetarian option available) with a free flow of drinks, entertainment, a raffle and a drawing card.

For more information contact Tran officemanager@bbgv.org or (08) 3829 8430.

Exhibition of paintings at Galerie Quynh rare

Galerie Quynh currently AO-Vis-Vis, an exhibition offering some rarely seen paintings Ngo Hoang Tuong, Tran Van Thao, Llouquet Sandrine, Cam Duong Hoang, Lien Truong, Thanh Truc Nguyen, David Nadège and Na Thein, from today ‘ Today, January 28.

Disparate and diverse exhibition of contemporary art practices in Vietnam.

Galerie Quynh, 65, De Tham Street, District 1, is open 10:00-6:00, Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, call (08) 3836 8019 or visit http://www.galeriequynh.com

Art Festival surprised scandal copies

“Cho Xu LY” (waiting to be solved), a painting exhibited at the National Festival of Youth Arts to be held from November 28 to December 9 Hanoi, was found in an ordinary job.

Festival’s11 Art Committee members held a meeting on Monday and concluded that Do Trung Kien, the artist behind “Cho Xu LY” borrowed 90 percent of his ideas “Phuot II”, a painting done last year Nguyen Quang Hai.

The story began last week when festival organizers photos uploaded 155 photos that you would put on display on the Internet.

Members of an art forum also highlighted the similarities between questionable “Ly Xu Cho” and “Phuot II”, which is not shown during the festival.

Vi Kien Thanh, Head of Central Department of Fine Arts and a member of the committee, said: “Cho SY Xu,” was almost the same content, presentation, and subjects with original paint, with a few details changed.

Nhu Huy, another member who is a well known art curator, said Kien following copy of the standard of quality and original art.

Both artists were also invited to submit additional information on the painting, which was Hai, while Kien not.

At the meeting, Nguyen Quang Hai presented a picture of the three Minsk motorcycles, said to be the main themes of his painting. Motorcycles have changed more distinctive, he said, which also reflects in his work.

“Phuot II” was painted in 2010 and was ranked first in the exhibition in May, while Kien “Xu SY Cho” was created much later than that.

Since then he has given no convincing evidence to prove the originality of his work, Kien later asked to voluntarily withdraw the painting exhibition of the festival.

His painting is not included in the book with pictures of all the paintings being exhibited in this year’s National Youth Arts Festival.

Illustrations paper photographic exhibitions open in HCMC

Two exhibitions of works of art paper and photos of Vietnamese architecture is open in HCMC.

Exhibition of paper and color, which includes paintings by artists using paper folded and Tam Tam Anh Cao will continue until December 17 at the Art Gallery 4, Nguyen Trai Street.

32 finalists 2011 photos on Vietnamese architecture is also shown on Masterpiece Vincom Shopping Center 70-72, Le Thanh Ton Street in District 1 from December 9-12.

The competition, held October 5, 2867 to November 25 drew pictures of local architectural works built since 1900.

A ceremony will be held December 18th and the winner will receive VND100million (U.S. $ 5,000) in cash.

Photo exhibition on children by a French artist

A photo exhibition entitled “Earth-Glance similarities and differences” by French freelance photographer Yan Lerval held at the Institut de France cultural exchange in Ho Chi Minh City.

French photographer living in HCMC. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and works for popular magazines and photo agencies.

It implements a dream of producing a photo album on the eyes of children everywhere.

Yan met many children in South Asia, Africa, India, Himalayas and Europe. This will put an end to its “children of the world” (Children of the World) South America in early 2012 and complete a picture book.

Photography exhibition will run until December 17.

Vietnam Film Festival opens today

17 Vietnam Film Festival begins today at 20:00 at the Teatro Sao Vang Tuy Hoa City in May in the central province of Phu Yen.

The event this year has five categories of films, videos, documentaries, cartoons and science. According to organizers, there are 17 movie tickets, five videos, 10 documentaries, 52 documentaries, 16 scientific and eight drawings.

Great films this year are Canh dong bat tan (Variable Life) to Pham Quang Binh, CAU November Hotboy Chuyen have Cuoi Thang VA loan, VA diem gay co Vit Con (Lost in Paradise), Vu Ngoc Dang by, Thanh Long and Cam of the GIA (the fate of a singer Thang Long) by Dao Ba Son. The best films in each category will be awarded gold and silver Lotus Lotus with other prices.

Spectators can enjoy outdoor movies, and seminars on Vietnamese cinema to join or to interact with the actors and actresses during the three-day festival.

Price / Closing will take place at the same place 8:00-10:00 December 17. Both the opening and closing will be broadcast live on VTV1, respectively VTV2 …….