Police Link Belgian Gunman to a Killing Before Rampage – Christmas Flowers France


Liege, Belgium – Belgium tried to make sense Wednesday by a spasm of murder by a man with a history of problems with drugs and weapons, triggering an attack near a christmas flowers france market in a traditional market, bringing death at random for a scene of animation family vacation in Europe.

The attacker, identified as Nordin Amrani, 33, killed a child a year and a half and two teenagers and left five wounded more than 120 of them still in intensive care Wednesday. Amrani himself shot in the forehead. To compound the horror of the procedure, the police found the body of a woman in a building used to store weapons, and in the past to grow marijuana. Prosecutors said they thought Mr. Amrani was killed before going to the plaza.
Friends of flowers and candles dead and wounded Wednesday placed in the Plaza St-Lambert square where Mr. Amrani has triggered bursts of bullets and grenades, which sent shards of glass into the crowd. Friends who were there said they were blinded.
A Belgian of Moroccan origin, the problem history showed no signs of Islamic extremism, M. Amrani was summoned to the police in cases of sexual abuse at the same time of the attack.Instead, armed himself and mounted on a star as a desperate final docking.
Mr. Amrani has a history of weapons offenses and drug use. But he was still able to pick up a cache of weapons after his release from prison, where he was part of a sentence of 58 months for possession of 9500 pieces of weapons, more weapons and complete, and in 2800 plants marijuana.
The sequence of events is of particular concern in Belgium, which have long been questions about the integrity of its political and judicial systems, and formed a government two weeks ago after a hiatus of 18 months, a record today.
The memories are still raw here notorious pedophile Marc Dutroux and murderer, that probation ₩ 1990 after allegations of sexual abuse, received a pension from the state and have met the requirements of sedatives by the use of some of their young victims. He escaped from custody, even for a few hours a day in 1998, commanding a guard and take his weapon, then delivered to a court hearing unhandcuffed. He was sentenced to seven years for murder, kidnapping and rape and remains in prison.
Last year a scandal after admitting a country included the Roman Catholic bishop that child victims of sexual assault opened the floodgates of financial abuse by priests for decades.
Nerves Liège attack hit hard facts of a case of Anders Breivik Behring, the right-wing extremist, who has admitted killing 77 people, mostly teenagers, July 22, first by bombing the headquarters of capital Public Norway, Oslo, and then attacking a summer camp for young Utoya.
There was also a fatal shooting Tuesday in Italy, where a gunman opened fire in an outdoor market in Florence, killing and wounding two of the three suppliers of Senegal Senegal before committing suicide. News reports on the fact that Italy to attack a man who has taken part in marches through a composition of right-wing group racist fears a new wave of violence in Europe.
Recognizing the default width of Liege anxiety attack high, the Belgian authorities have taken the trouble to separate the cases of known terrorists or extremist movements.
“I rule that in total,” said Daniel Reynders, the first prosecutor of the city, a press conference Wednesday morning in response to a question about the possibility of extreme reasons. “There was absolutely nothing found in the inspections, which could be linked to a terrorist event perpetrated yesterday, “he said.
Instead, the focus was orphaned early man, grew up in a poor neighborhood near Brussels, and alienated from society, even though he lived with his girlfriend, a nurse.
A meeting with his lawyers, Abdelhadi and Didier De Quévy Amrani, which was published on the site of a Belgian newspaper The Last Time said the identity of the mass, but also their personal problems.
“It does not feel all Moroccans,” said a lawyer, adding that “did not speak a word of Arabic and Muslim”, and “he was Belgian.”Lawyers Elsewhere in the interview quoted as saying she was “crazy about guns, but as a collector,” “felt that he does not have much luck in life,” “thought he had been treated unfairly by the justice system. ”
One of them said their action was “a tortured soul that was the end of the link, cut the justice system and society.”
Neighbors who live a few yards from Mr Amrani said they were aware of his criminal record. However, many of them courtesy, and even earned the trust of one of the many residents of the building.
“What happened is incomprehensible, and I am totally surprised,” said Micheline Clemente, 67. “He opened doors for me and took my packages, sometimes,” he said.
However, the fear began to spread among the Muslims in Belgium after Mr. Amrani Moroccan origin was reported. Less is known that one of his victims, Mehdi Belhadj Nathan, 15, came from a similar experience.
“One of the first things I said to myself,” said one of the inhabitants of Liege, Bouchaoui Samira, 45, “is that I hope is not a sudden Arab otherwise affected by this.”
Ms. Bouchaoui stressed that all the evidence “that an attack was made by someone who was deeply disturbed” and that “race has nothing to do with it.”
His niece, Malak Krim, 16, said he saw Facebook messages expressed the view that the attack showed that right-wing politicians, and Marine Le Pen in France, was justified.
Dr. Krim said that participating in a rally to commemorate those who died Friday.
Stephen Castle contributed reporting from Brussels

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